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Gymboree Play & Music is one of the franchiser which known as Number 1 Development Children Center. Gymboree has more than 690 branches all over the world. In Asia, Gymboree has its own branches in China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippine, and Thailand.

Gymboree in Thailand has opened its very first branch in Sukhumvit Bangkok on August 2007 under supervised from Play & Music Company Limited. Through franchised business, now Gymboree has 10 branched within Bangkok

GYMBOREE Franchise Orientation

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How long has Gymboree been in business?

Gymboree Play & Music began in 1976. Our founder, Joan Barnes, recognized the lack of classes or groups for infants and their parents and began a "test" Gymboree class. It was an instant success. Two years later, Gymboree began to franchise its unique program and we have been growing ever since.

What type of training is provided by Gymboree Play & Music?

In addition to the mandatory initial franchise training we also offer optional regional training (conducted about twice a year), as well as Business Training and an Annual Meeting.

What support do your franchisees receive?

Our staff of professionals will support your needs in program, operations, marketing, resale product, teacher training, personnel and more on a national, regional and local basis.

How much money can I expect to make operating a Gymboree Play & Music franchise?

Like most Franchisors, Gymboree does not provide, or authorize anyone else to provide information on past or possible future financial results with respect to any Gymboree Play & Music franchise or company-owned unit. Your financial results depend on many factors, including how hard you work, how closely you follow our system, your competition, etc. Gymboree can't reliably predict, forecast or project future performance, revenues, profits or otherwise of any Gymboree unit. We do suggest that as you contact current operating franchise owners, you collect information so you can complete your own business plan.

What is the total investment -- cash plus financing -- needed for a Gymboree Play & Music franchise?

All the expenditures will be for admission fee, equipment, constructions. However, the cost will depend on type of the franchise and area of the branch. Which can be started from 7.07 - 7.37 Million bath, in case of the large area and extra cost for decorations.

Does Gymboree assist with financing this investment?

Not directly.

What types of locations should I investigate for franchisee business?

Gymboree Play & Music is looking to locate in commercial locations, such as strip malls, shopping centers and regional malls. Commercial sites best represent the brand and have greater potential to deliver on all aspects of the business.

Can I franchise a Gymboree Clothing Store?

No, the retail clothing stores are presently company owned and operated.

How can I get more information?

For more information, you can directly call to Gymboree Headquater at Tel. 0 2762 7890 or go to contact us page for sending your question to our Customer Service Team.
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