Gymboree Play and Learn

Music Program

Gymboree's active approach to musical learning introduces your child to a variety of 20 different musical styles around the world. Through singing, dancing, movement games and instruments, your child learns important musical "building blocks" like rhythm, beat, tempo and melody and builds a foundation of musical skills to grow on. These activities provide powerful tools that impact your child's physical, social, emotional and intellectual development too.

Music I 6-16 months

Children are very receptive to musical learning at this age. Research has shown that infants can have memory for songs heard while in Mommy’s tummy, and babies as young as 5 months can remember musical sequences and detect changes in pitch, melody and rhythm! Participating in Music I impacts all areas of your baby’s development. You’ll learn songs that boost memory and language and explore music elements like beat and rhythm through Gymboree’s age-appropriate instruments and playful movement activities. Learn lullabies from around the world to help to build those important connections between you and your child and support their emotional development.

Music II 16-28 months

Children in this age try to make sound by themselves and understand in easy order. They are going to change their musical development from the beginning of acknowledge and have any actions to show their self-confidence. Actually, they can join Gymboree activities by make some sounds, express ideas or follow teacher’s activities. That’s the good chance for children to explore instruments, pitch and practice basic skill of music for the future.

Music III 28-60 months

Children at this age can’t get enough music! They are intellectually and physically ready to explore musical activities in a whole new way. Through rhythm, pitch and tempo children can express their emerging musical knowledge. Group songs, finger plays, instruments and musical games build both cognitive and social skills. Singing voices and your child’s creative spirit will blossom through songs, musical movement, stories and improvisation. Children begin to build a love and foundation of musical skills to grow on! This class is parent optional.

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