Gymboree Play and Learn

Art Classes

Nothing inspires the imagination quite like art. That's why a Gymboree Art class sends your child home with far more than a finished project. Children leave our class with an enhanced creative spirit and a positive means for self-expression. Unleash your child's imagination in a world of hands-on discovery with painting, sculpting, drawing, collage, song, dress-up and other imaginative activities to provide self-confidence and learn more skills of art.

Art I 18-30 months

Discover art hands-on through sculpture, painting and more to engage and integrate all of the senses in the creative art process. Exposure various art materials supports fine motor skill, language, mental processing and social interaction. Children are encouraged and discover their artistic potential in the moments.

Art II 30-42 months

Children quickly find their own unique ways of their ability to paint, sing, sculpt, collage, printmaking, dramatic play and imagine in a uniquely creative space. A process-oriented approach offers learning and self-expression, explore cause and effect, integrating vision and ideas, technique facilitations and growing confident and minds.

Art III 42 - 60 months

Create variation in art space to help stimulate creativity and concentration skills. Allow children greater exploration of the art process with cooperative play and encourage skill sharing between activities. Gain confidence in self-expression and artistic exploration through a hands-on, imaginative play, building and multimedia experience. Parent participation is optional.
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